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Golf Play & Regulations

Golf Play Format


Format Rules

  1. Each team member will tee off at each hole

  2. Teams will assess the tee shots and agree on which shot they wish to use as the spot for their next shot

  3. Players are to collect their shots that are NOT used than proceed to the location of the decided upon shot

  4. At the spot of the agreed upon "best ball" each player will take a shot from that location.

  5. Players will again select the best shot and this process will continue throughout the hole (including putting)

  6. Players are allowed to place their ball within 1 club length of the location of the best shot selected, but NOT closer in the direction to the hole

  7. The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the teams score, so teams are encouraged to NOT tap in shots, in the event another player makes a longer putt. 

  8. Score for each hole will be counted as each stroke or putt from the best ball position until the ball goes into the cup/hole

  9. Each players tee shot, must be used at least once during the 9 or 18 hole round

  10. Men tee off from the whites Women (typically) tee off from the reds

  11. Threesome are permitted to rotate a fourth shot from each ball location, so long as the shots are not done consecutively 

Golf Etiquette (we ask that all players try to respect the course and follow golf etiquette)

  1. DO NOT PLAY until the players in front of your group are out of range

  2. Repair divots (club marks that dig up grass) whenever possible 

  3. Smooth out all marks made in the sand, using the rake onsite 

  4. Leave putting green once your team has holed out 

  5. Please observe all local course rules

  6. Enjoy and have fun

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