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Hip Hop Bingo Rules

Game Play

  1. The game will be played on typical 5 x 5 bingo play cards, with a free space

  2. Game card squares will be filled with hip hop song titles in place of numbers from 1-75

  3. During game play, DJ will play randomly selected songs for 30-45sec. If the song is on your playing card, you simply select the square on your computer or mobile device

  4. BINGO is won once the player covers all of the songs in the required arrangement

  5. When receiving the link for your play cards, participants will be asked to enter the name of the player to be registered to that card

  6. Winning pattern will be announced to players before game play starts

  7. Song selection is randomized and will be scrambled and witnessed before each game (excluding continuances to multiple patter games)



  1. Pay out to winning cards will ONLY be paid out to the email associated with the name on the card or to a registered email provided by the winning player

  2. Song titles will be announced as the song plays and will be entered in the chat during each game. Once the DJ moves onto the next song, request to repeat the song will not be honored

  3. Players can use the chat feature to search if a song has been played

  4. Winners MUST call BINGO, when the song is being played. This means the current song playing, must be the square that led to the bingo win.

  5. BINGO will NOT be honored to a player that calls BINGO for a square covered from a previous song

  6. Anyone who calls BINGO during the song will be eligible for the win and the bingo jackpot.

  7. If there are multiple winners in an individual bingo game, the total prize for that game is split evenly amongst all of the winners

  8. Calling BINGO first does not void any other player that calls BINGO during the same song

  9. To verify a BINGO, bingo winners need to provide the name associated to the card or the first 5 digits in the URL associated with the winning card

  10. After a winner is declared, the Caller, will announce the game is closing. No further BINGO’s will be honored once the Caller calls the came closed

  11. Songs in the chat are ONLY in play once the DJ plays the song

  12. During game play, participants mic/audio will be muted. Participants are encouraged to communicate, via the chat window. NOTE: this is to ensure, voices do not drain out the music, making it difficult for other players to hear the music and play.

  13. Violation of the rules, may result in player not receiving awarded prizes or from exclusion from the event


Refund Policy

Please note that this is a fundraiser event and as such refunds will NOT be granted for any reason. Canada Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc, appreciate your support in this policy

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